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In this wiki I try to keep track of some of the vast amount of mathematical objects and learn about their relationships. All entries can be viewed and accessed through an interactive graph. Unfortunately, it got quite big and doesn't render smoothly anymore. The vertex About contains more details. If you have questions or suggestions, please write me at Nikolaj Kuntner. Some cornerstones from different subjects:

Intuitionistic propositional logicType theorySet theoryNatural numberCategory theoryHom-set adjunctionHaskellk-tape Turing machineBanach spaceLinear approximationFunction integral on ℝⁿMagic Gaussian integralClassical canonical partition functionPDE SystemEuler-Lagrange equationsMacroscopic observables from kinetic theoryReaction rate equationBoltzmann equation


“Bourbaki has apparently decided that the theory of manifolds has now entered that domain of “dead” mathematics to which he hopes to give definitive form. In this summary of results the corpse is laid out to public view; the complete autopsy is eagerly awaited.” - Michael Spivak, A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry

“Although this was a course at a French university, several examples of hyperfunctions are given just before Theorem 3.2.45.” - Masaki Kashiwara, Systems of microdifferential equations

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