Literature $\blacktriangleright$ Todo books / Todo papers


- Mathematical theory of transport processes in gases / J.H. Ferziger and H.G. Kaper
- Plasma kinetics in atmospheric gases / M. Capitelli


- Noise theory and applications to physics / Philipe Refregier

- New structures for physics / B. Ciecke (ed.)


- Financial derivatives modeling / Christian Ekstrand
- Einführung in die Spieltheorie / Manfred J. Holler, Gerhard Illing

michael makkai & gonzalo reyes - first order categorical logic model-theoretical methods in the theory of topoi and related categories, springer 1977 9783540084396.

you can also look at

johan van benthem - language in action categories lambdas and dynamic logic, elsevier 1991 9780444890009. bart jacobs - categorical logic and type theory, elsevier science 1999 9780444501707.

steven vickers - topology via logic, cambridge university press 1989 9780521360623.

jorge picado & ales pultr - frames and locales topology without points, springer 2011 9783034801539 [this is locale theory done classically, so it is very bizarre]

peter johnstone - stone spaces , 1982 cambridge university press 9780521337793 peter johnstone - topos theory , academic press 1977 9780123878502

francis lawvere - toposes algebraic geometry and logic, springer-verlag 1972 9780387059204.



Streicher 2004 Introduction to Category Theory and Categorical Logic

Butz 1997 First order categorical logic

Bell 2005 The development of categorical logic

Awodey, Bauer 2009 Introduction to Categorical Logic

Abramsky, Tzevelekos 2010 Introduction to categories and categorical logic

Wraith 1975 Lectures on elementary topoi Vistoli 2004 Notes on Grothendieck topologies, fibered categories and descent theory

Vries 1987 Applications of constructive logic to sheaf constructions in toposes

Taylor 2000 Geometric and higher order logic in terms of abstract Stone duality

Moerdijk, van Oosten 2007 Topos theory

Caramello 2011 A topos-theoretic approach to Stone-type dualities

Caramello 2012 Topologies for intermediate logics

Butz 1998 Classifying toposes for first-order theories

Boileau, Joyal 1981 La Logique des Topos

Al-Hanafi 2008 Scott Topology and its Relation to the Alexandroff Topology

Airchinnigh 2001 Towards a Topos Theoretic Foundation for the Irish School of Constructive Mathematics (MC?)

Abramsky 1991 Domain theory in logical form

Abramsky 1987 Domain theory and the logic of observable properties

=== Logic ===

- Reviewing and comparing logic notions in various books/sources:

- An introduction to non-classical logic / Graham Priest

== Web ==
Page including a pedagogical introduction to foundations:


- Philosophische Untersuchungen / Ludwig Wittgenstein
this page is supposed to be rich, but selective.

For a content comparison of logic as well as differential geometry books, see



Theoretical Electrochemistry - Vetter

?? - Bard

?? Physical Electrochemistry - Gileadi

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