Predicate library


This is a list of predicates together with the entries in which they are defined. So for example “$f$…functional” is a property which, according to the list below, is defined in the entry Function. Note that the list excludes certain predicates if they are named after the exact name of an entry. This is the case for some set membership predicates, So for example “$V$…vector space” is not in the list, because there is a whole entry devoted to that type of set, namely vector space. Similarly, “bijective” can be found in Bijective function.

If $x$ is a term and $\mathrm{isfoo}$ is the name of a presdicate $P$, we write “$x$ … isfoo” for $P(x)$ and “$x$ … not isfoo” or “$x$ … not an isfoo” for $\neg P(x)$.

Unary predicates

Predicate Definition given in
category Category theory
computes Turing machine as partial function
computes in time Turing machine as partial function
countably infinite Bijective function
decides Turing machine as partial function
decides in time Turing machine as partial function
dependent function in set theory function
divides Natural number
edge in a graph Graph
element of a category Category theory
equinumerous (cardinality) Bijective function
function Function
functional Function
finite dimensional Vector space basis
finite (set) Set cardinality
holomorphic Fréchet derivative
infinite dimensional Vector space basis
large set Set universe
locally euclidean space Neighbourhood
maximal in Maximal extension in a set
measurable (set) Measurable space
smaller (cardinality) Bijective function
small category Cat
small set Set universe
topological manifold Neighbourhood

Binary predicates


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